Ntsiki Mazwai Weighs In On The Dineo Cruise Scandal

She thinks Sol Phenduka is trying to cover it up

By  | Feb 09, 2023, 03:31 PM  | Ntsiki Mazwai  | Drama

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Ntsiki Mazwai has weighed in on the ongoing debate regarding the reason Sol Phenduka posted the video of himself dancing hysterically trying to do Oscar Mbo's dance. She reckoned it was a way to direct the attention away from his co-host's disastrous "Cruise With Dineo & Friends" event which gained a lot of negative attention last week.

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Taking to Twitter, Ntsiki Mazwai shared her thoughts on why Sol Phenduka would post the video especially at a time where Dineo's name is getting dragged.

“Sol took that video yesterday dancing because Dineo has been getting really bad publicity over the weekend on the Sunday, so obviously everybody would want to know and see how's Dineo after her flop, and Sol did that thing that fans do when they turn on the video and then quickly show that they are with a celebrity, just wanted to say that,” Ntsiki said.

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Cruise With Dineo And Friends was labelled as a waste of money by partygoers to  Zimoja.

DBN Gogo even wrote on IG, "Yal really thought I was whyling for free the whole weekend. I'm telling you we were enslaved on a ship!"

Dineo admitted her faults but thanked the partygoers for their patience and understanding and for later making the event less stressful. 

"The most humbling interaction I’ve EVER experienced with friends and fans of Dineo Ranaka. From Zim, Namibia, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia, the UK and and and … the patience with our administrative congestion, the love and respect we showed one another, the warm energy, the fun we had, the business lessons learnt and relationships built, my fellow entertainers/colleagues and staff at MSC… THANK YOU SO MUCH for cruising with us! we did it!

Gaining negative press as well Dogg DBN who was reportedly too drunk to fully carry out his duties. 

"It’s official, we now have a culture of Cruising in Jan. Tickets will be open early n u can pay slowly nathi we’re gonna plan better with sufficient time. Thank you for understanding and the support. Without a doubt that was a life changing experience! WE FUCKEN DID IT."

Dineo and Sol's chemistry on air was questioned and some even wrote to the station alerting them of their observations. 

"We write to you as listeners of Kaya 959 to express our concerns as we have been frequently observing and listening to the unacceptable and toxic behaviour of Dineo Ranaka. Wrote the fan. "Even if it's your first time listening to Dineo and Sol on the show, one can simply stipulate who's trying to outsmart or overpower the other one.

“All the time Sol speaks, he's been cut off. That’s very disrespectful and such toxic behaviour will not by any means be accepted on this immaculate platform that Sol is adding major value on,” the letter continues.

“Dineo Ranaka is great and we are not here to cancel nor bash her, we also appreciate her skills. But most of us are there because of Sol, therefore as much as we are there for him, we want to hear Sol Phenduka equally as Dineo speaks on the radio. All we are asking is more airtime to converse on the show with us listeners without Dineo taking the spotlight and invading whenever Sol speaks,” the letter continues.

Kaya defended the duo saying Dineo is the captain of the ship and Sol is the co-host. 

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