Oros Mampofu Joins Rhythm City

The hard work continues to pay off

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Oros Mampofu  | Drama

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Rhythm City is really succeeding at wooing viewers with all these good looking men they're hiring as cast members. First, it was Jesse Suntele, then it was Tiisetso Thoka and now Oros Mampofu has confirmed that will soon be acting on the show as well.

The actor revealed that he will start appearing on Rhythm City from the 16th of May as the character of a young Eastern Cape-born Banele. 

Banele is a rural Xhosa man whose family relies on social grants to sustain their daily lives. Banele is fascinated by history, particularly African literature and it is this passion that sees his story unfolding after he secured a bursary to study at the Johannesburg Metropolitan University.

According to a statement released by etv:

"Banele’s story is that of trials and tribulations. He is the first person in his family to go to university and that becomes both a great privilege and a massive responsibility as his family heavily relies on him for help. Being the sole breadwinner is no glitz and glam and Banele quickly finds himself working as a recycler in order to send money back home."

Over the past couple of days, Oros, who is known for his stylish hairstyles revealed that he was going to shave all his hair off for a particular role he is preparing for and we guess it's safe to say that that role is for his Banele character.
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And in case you missed his new look, this is how he looks like now.
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