Penny Lebyane Calls Out K Naomi's Shady Tweet

Clearly, girl power is conditional especially when concerning men.

By  | Nov 08, 2020, 11:08 AM  | Penny Lebyane  | Drama

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Penny Lebyane and K Naomi are not friends by any stretch of the imagination, but now it seems that even when they frequent the same circles that they will have something to talk about and clear the air.

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Everyone thought that Sunday will be all kosher with no drama, but the two personalities clearly had other plans for our self-care Sundays. It all started when Penny returned to usual programming by highlighting one of the issues she has with men and their reckless behavior. Penny took to Twitter first started by raising awareness on the dangers of drinking and driving, and texting in light of Zimbabwean business man Ginimbi Kadungure who passed away in a car accident today.
She than followed that post by suggesting what she believes as a common illegal and dangerous practice by men.  Penny shared an image of the driver’s car seat with the seatbelt already capped, despite there being no driver. She was highlighting the fact that men do not like wearing seatbelts. Ginimbi was actually sitting on his at the time of his death and was thrown out of his car. 

Penny went on to add some shade by writing that this is the problem with men, besides the suggestion that they continue to have unprotected sex. But that reference was meant to elude to the fact that men continue to endanger their partners by having unprotected sex, which most often than not they will not take responsibility of the consequences therefore. 
But one “sista” that came the defense of men was K Noami. The star that has put her foot in her mouth more than once has done it again when she tried to check Penny. This time she attempted to drag Penny by asking why she always had to pull someone down to make her point. Her actual word was “humiliate.”  But knowing that this might catch on and lead to something she did not want to get into, because girl is currently happy in love, she deleted the post. 

But that was only after Penny had gotten that tweet screenshot and came to address K Noami, in a couple of tweets. The first was Penny merely clarifying her stance by writing:

“I saw that K Naomi, you tagged me and deleted. (But) let me answer you. It is your perception (and) not mine, and l am not responsible for people catching strays and feelings on my time line. If the shoe fits, it is your size and you have an option not to pick it and put it on. People must deal.”
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