Prince Kaybee Angers Anga Makubalo

Who gets along with Prince?

By  | Jul 28, 2020, 10:13 AM  | Prince Kaybee  | Drama

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Prince Kaybee has added another ZAleb to his list of celebs he does not get along with.

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Even though Anga Makubalo and Prince Kaybee never escalated things, Kaybee fans are wondering who really gets along with their fave in these social media streets.

Anga Makubalo did what he usually does, show off his hot rides and toned muscles. Prince commented on the post however his response did not sit well with Anga.

The Hosh hitmaker has accepted that he has a lot of haters who will not second guess reigning on his parade at any given time. The producer lives his life the way he wants but there are trolls who are always ready to attack him with nasty comments and he had acknowledged that under Anga's post.

"I studied the comments in this post, I then understood if it was me that posted the same picture with my Merc I was gonna seem arrogant, there were gonna be the nastiest comments to a point people say I rent my cars so I realized I’m playing on unfair ground. Enjoy your Bmw abuti," Prince commented.

His comment ruffled Anga's feathers and was angered by it saying they do not even converse with each other and he does not know him personally. He was also angered by the fact that he made the post about him

"I drove BMWs long before you got your first Merc... That's not me bragging. Just me simply pointing out that banters about the 2 brands is something I've engaged in long before you eventually surfaced. Tshini," he responded.

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