Black Coffee Irons Things Out With Prince Kaybee

He said his tweet was not intended to shade Prince

By  | May 29, 2020, 08:04 AM  | Prince Kaybee  | Drama

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After all the back and forth between DJ's Black Coffee and Prince Kaybee, Coffee rectified his statement by saying he never shaded Prince or was looking for trouble with his 'are you a celebrity' question.

"In your statement you were excluding yourself as a celebrity hence my question..I wasn't fighting, I wish you spent time understanding it. But manje sila....wishing you all the best," he clarified.

That still did not erase the fact that Coffee responded with an offensive tweet that not only hurt Prince however, his fans and other black people at large.

Prince Kaybee is not looking for an apology from Black Coffee after he offended him and many others with his now deleted tweet.

Labeling Coffee a 'Selfish King', Prince says that Coffee never liked him for years, and it is not something that just started out of the blue. In his mini rant, the Uwrongo hitmaker lambasted Coffee for his offensive "House N****r" tweet and said he has no respect for his fans.

"A selfish king who cares more about his pockets than the plight of the people who support his music. If this logic is anything to go by, he could have taken money from the apartheid government. REAL HOUSE N*****S are the ones that burn their own people to stay warm!" he exclaimed.

Even though the two award-winning artists don't know each other personally, Prince Kaybee reckons Coffee has never liked him. This dates back to 2015 when Prince won the Best Remix Award at the Metro FM Awards, and he was nominated with Coffee in the same category.

Not looking to take his 'L' silently, Coffee took to Twitter to publicly express how his Alicia Keys Remix was the best and should have won.

Coffee made it clear that he does not have a problem with Prince, in fact he has always played his music.

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