Somizi's Gearing Up For His 50th Birthday Celebration

It is going to be one for the books

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Larger than life's MC, TV host and actor Somizi Mhlongo, is gearing up for his 50th birthday celebration and by the look of things, it looks like it's going to be magical- fit for the king he is.

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Somizi was thrust into the spotlight after he was cast in theatre production Sarafina and he did not look back. The production catapulted his career to greater heights, and he has since become a household name with a legion of fans.

Somizi is on a winning streak and to say he has come a long way in his life would be a major understatement. The Idols SA judge is the epitome of success, and he is not one to shy away from flaunting his expensive set of wheels, houses, and designer items on social media.

It is unbelievable that this year he turns 50 years old. Somizi who is known for always going out when it comes to his birthday celebrations, intends to host a celebration for the book this year.

Taking to his Instagram account, Mhlongo revealed that he willl host a festival for his birthday celebration and it will not be an ordinary day. The Idols SA judge says he wants to invite esteemed guests and the public to celebrate his birthday with him.

Somizi's golden jubilee will take place on the 28th January 2023 at the Sun City Super Bowl. Somizi has also revealed that he will be celebrating 4 decades in showbiz.

"Eish I wanted to share this on Monday but the excitement is too much to hold. So I’m turning 50 in December….. and there was no way it was gonna be just an ordinary day…. God has been and still is amazing to me and I wanna celebrate in a big way…. You guys have also played a huge role in my life and career and still here with me moving forward….. so I called all my friends in the arts industry ( music, theatre, television, sports, politics ) to join me on stage on the 28th January 2023 @suncityresortsa Super Bowl infront of thousands of my supporters watching live. It’s gonna be a concert to remember for years to come. Also celebrating over 4 decades in showbiz….. booking info and line up to be revealed soon….. stay tuned."

Somizi has been trough the most this year following Mohale's physical abue allegations. Mohale recently made headlines after retold the story of how Somizi allegedly abused him during a domestic violence incident. He even dropped receipts by sharing pictures of the alleged abuse he allegedly suffered from Somizi.

"The particular assault I am talking about was the one that took place in our home and for me it was seeing that person in a way that I had never seen him before. He was angry at the fact that I went to work in Durban, and I remember coming from Durban and finding him sitting on the couch waiting for me and he immediately said where are you coming from and I said what do you mean because you know where I am come from," he told Aldrin Sampear.

"I remember he had a bottle of champagne in his hand and I was trying to take off the clothes I was wearing and he started spilling champagne on me. With  me trying to find out what was going on he started beating me up and I remember him saying he needs to mess up my face because this beautiful face is messing things up for him and I remember covering my face because the shoes he was wearing were going to damage my face," Mohale continued.

"He started hitting me in the ribs and legs and I couldn't walk. I crawled down the stairs at that point I believed my ribs were broken because I couldn't move this part of my body and in doing that I reached for my car keys and I ran out."

He further debunked claims that he wanted half of Somizi's estate. According to Mohale, he only wanted his clothes, car, and a share of their wedding payout.

"I was shocked yet again when I was told that he says I want 50% of his assets. The very first letter we sent to Somizi on 25th of June 2021 stated that I wanted my clothing, I wanted the car which he bashed, I wanted the money for the wedding, which belongs to the both of us and that was it,” he said on his special Mohale: On The Record.

According to Mohale, Somizi suggested the division of the joint estate.“ His response to the letter that we sent out to him, that he sent back to us on the 25th of July… he’s the one who suggested that we go for division of the joint estate,” he continued.

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