Prince Kaybee Gets Dragged For Rape Tweets

He encouraged Rape victims to report rape immediately

By  | Feb 17, 2021, 11:42 AM  | Prince Kaybee  | Drama

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Prince Kaybee has joined the handful of ZAlebs who have voiced out their opinions on the DJ Fresh and Euphonik rape allegations saga.

Following their joint statements which informed people that the National Prosecuting Authority has withdrawn the rape case against the DJs due to insufficient evidence, many people either voiced out their dissappointments or lent words of support to them. 

Prince Kaybee was one of the celebs who expressed disappointment but did not direct his words to the accused, he rather encouraged Rape victims to report the incident immediately after it happens. These are some of the sentiments shared by people as it would allow for reliable evidence to be collected. 

The NPA could not go on with the case due to insufficient evidence, therefore Prince Kaybee's advice stems from that. 


His advice did not quiet land well with many women who have gone through such ordeals. One woman told Kaybee to not comment on issues he has not experienced as he does not know what goes on in the woman's mind after getting raped. 

"I personally feel that no one can comment on an issue they have never faced. Rape is not only a physical act, it comes with a lot of trauma. There is a lot of psychological trauma, shame and a lot of other things you can't explain. To people who have never been raped, keep quiet, " a female tweep wrote. 

Prince then came guns blazing, defending himself saying he too is allowed to have an opinion and raise awareness irregardless of whether he has been in that situation or not. 

"O buwa masepa wena, (you're talking sh**, we must not raise awareness and alert people about the right thing to do because we haven’t gone through them??? So a person that didn’t go to school cannot advice a child to go to school? VOE**EK!!! Also when we are quiet y’all call us trash."

The woman then got dragged as well by people who share the same sentiments as Prince Kaybee. The lady took it further by advising Prince to respect himself, but the Hosh hit maker said 'not today.'

"Sit this one out nana, I get the trauma part but the stuff about only victims can raise awareness is off, it DID NOT land at all. Sometimes ask your friends before you tweet so that you prevent embarrassing yourself."

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