Probe Into Anele Tembe's Death Reportedly Not Concluded

Police make a U-turn on their comments

By  | Aug 22, 2022, 10:35 AM  | Drama

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Western Cape police have denied the conclusion of the investigation into Anele Tembe 's death. On 11 April 2021, the budding chef fell to her death from the 10th floor of the Pepperclub Hotel in Loop Street, Cape Town, after accompanying her then-boyfriend AKA on gigs in the city.

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According to the Citizen, a probe into her death is still ongoing. As the outlet reports, police have now retracted their comments that the investigation was concluded as thy have alluded that are no new developments relating to the case at this point.

Western Cape Police spokesperson, Colonel Andrè Traut said: “Kindly be advised that the death of Anele Tembe is still under investigation and there are no new developments to report at this stage,” he said.

City Press reported last week that the police had completed their investigation. The publication reported that according to Western Cape police spokesperson Joseph Swartbooi the case had been handed over to the National Prosecuting Authority for a decision.

“Kindly be advised that the investigation into the matter you are referring to has been completed. The case has since been referred to the National Prosecuting Authority for a decision, hence the merits of the case will not be discussed on an open platform, in a bid to respect the privacy of the relatives.”

In an interview with The Barleader TV in May, AKA claimed that Nellie had attempted to take her own life on numerous occasions due to depression. She detailed what unfolded during their heated argument moments before Anele allegedly committed suicide.

“When I came out of the bathroom she wasn’t in the room. I look around the room and she’s not there then I go to the balcony and look over the balcony and down to the street and that’s where she was”.

“In my past time with Anele, it was not the first time that she had attempted to do that (harm herself) or threatened to do that. She had done that here in this home and over the phone…she had also threatened to drive her car into the wall and also had to be talked down off the ledge at the Hilton in Durban”.

While speaking at her memorial service at the Durban International Convention Centre, AAnele Tembe's father Moses Tembe, sparked controversy by stating that his daughter never committed suicide. 

"I was neither there when Anele met her fate last Sunday. I neither seek to attack any person, nor cast aspersions, nor create suspicions nor stigmatise any mental condition, however, I cannot allow an unfortunate narrative go unchallenged. A narrative which is maliciously purveyed in some circles that Anele, my daughter, was chronically suicidal or had suicidal tendencies.

"All I can say is that until she turned 21, Anele would not consider taking her own life as a solution. Not a single member of my family, Anele's family will have ever associated Anele with suicide, it never arose. Living would have never been Anele's challenge," he said.

"As Anele's father, I hereby state categorically that Anele was neither suicidal nor did she commit suicide," he stated.

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