Qwabe Twins Not Bothered By Trolls

They are used to it.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Qwabe Twins  | Drama

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Viggy And Virginia are having their moment in the South African music scene. Thanks to their talent and mentor DJ Tira, they are certainly topping charts.

After their controversial exit from SA Idols, they have been subjected to a lot of scrutiny from people. Most of the attention came from trolls who said the twins would not succeed if they continue being 'twins' even in the entertainment sphere.

They would be judged by their singing, decisions they took before and after Idols competition and their looks. The sisters do not give haters any attention and are focused on making music.

The Q Twins say they are quiet used to the trolling and they are not bothered by it.

According to the twins, their thick skin does not allow them to be bothered by haters. They say it means that there is something wrong with the person and they do that to make them feel good about themselves.  Speaking to Isolezwe, they had this to say:

"We grew up in that environment and it is not anything new. We are used to that energy from people. We love people and we are just not bothered. Our mother taught us better, she would tell us that there will be kids who will say mean things to us." said Viggy.

"We are where we are because of music and people."

Their careers are really doing well under Tira's leadership and Afrotainment. They have plans of having their own company Q Twins Entertainment however that is not their priority at the moment.

They are focusing on making music and their latest song 'Ama Gifts' is doing very well.

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