Rami Chuene Thanks Tweeps For Holding Her "Accountable"

The actress gets it.

By  | Sep 25, 2020, 02:33 AM  | Rami Chuene  | Drama

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Actress Rami Chuene is currently a hot topic on the Twitter streets after seeming to be endorsing Shauwn Mkhize breaking lockdown regulations, with her comments.

Shauwn Mkhize on Saturday evening attended an intimate birthday celebration raising major side-eyes and as much as Shauwn's behaviour was an attention grabber, it seems her friend's comment where the real pot-stirrer.

Rami commented on her friend's post, saying how hot her friend looked and asked her where she was going without her.

Tweeps accused Rami of attempting to remind everyone that Shawn is one of her closest friends and accused her of exposing Shauwn's nightly excursion on purpose with her comments.

Well, it seems Rami has heard all that Tweeps have said well it would have been hard to not, especially with your name trending for most of Sunday.
The former The Queen actress took to Twitter and thanked tweeps for holding her accountable for her actions. 

"I really appreciate it, acknowledge it & receive it with love. This is not the time to drop the ball-even in jest- nothing is light, nothing is funny," tweeted the actress.

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