Mzansi Rallies Behind Zahara To Assist In Her Financial Woes

They want the queen to stand on her feet and sing again

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Undeniably, another great musician that has been through hell and back since the beginning of time is singer and song writer Zahara. Mzansi rallies behind Zahara to get up on her feet and pick up the pieces.

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Zahara has seen the best days of her life as much as she has seen the worst days too. She has been making headlines for a while now while in a ongoing battlefield with the people she used to work with in the past, including music producer and businessman DJ Sbu as well as another music producer TK Nciza. However, Mzansi has joined hands and rallied behind the star to get up and pick up where she left off in order to gain her life back.

Concerns has been on the rise around Zahara and possibly her state of mind. As the star has cried out multiple times for help and assistance but at every turn felt ignored and shunned. Taking to Twitter, tweeps have showered the Loliwe hit-maker with words of encouragement while throwing in some of amazing suggestions to assist her to get her life and power back.

"If you are willing to help Zahara save her house, here is the official account #OperationSaveZaharasHouse account details: FNB- 62327901741 (Bulelwa Mkutukana) The target is R350 000 let's show our sister love" wrote BI Phakathi

"I think a concert where Zahara performs all the hit classics by SA females icons such as Brenda Fassie, Mariam Makeba, Yvonne Chaka Chaka etc would slap so hard right now" wrote Hloni Twala

It has been an on going battle between Zahara and the producers who produced her music. DJ Sbu and TK Nciza have been at the forefront where's Zahara's downfall is concerned. The pair having managed Zahara, they have also had a huge role into her music careers demise. Now, the trio has been at loggerheads over royalties and money owed amongst themselves.

In the past, Zahara has blasted both DJ Sbu and TK Nciza for exploitation and leaving her high and dry. In a video, she has relayed how Mzansi could come together and assist her into reviving her music career and making sure that she get what is owed to her from all the music studioes she names in the video, including SAMRO, which is an office responsible for artists royalties.

In the video, Zahara is heard urging her fans and followers on how they can assist her to get all that is owed to her. DJ Sbu and TK Nciza again makes it to Zahara's rant since of course they are the ones almost responsible for her downfall.

"If you really love me, you should all go picket out these stations, SAMRO and Universal where TK Ncisa you will also find DJ Sbu. Me fighting alone, I don't have money to pay for the lawyers, my money is sitting there. With all my money that is sitting there I can even build a clinic at out village/ You guys, you're only interested about what you see on TV. says Zahara
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Zahara relays that her number one hit Loliwe was all her hard work and all alone. DJ Sbu, TK Nciza and even Nhlanhla Nciza have nothing to do with the song. They found her on the street while singing the very same song that she wrote all by herself and they just assisted in giving her a step to the right direction by taking her under their wing.

"I wrote Loliwe all by myself. DJ Sbu doesn't know Lolile, TK Nciza doesn't know Lolile, even Nhlanhla Nciza doesn;t know Loliwe. They found me on the street playing Lolile and gave me money" says Zahara

Fans and followers of the star continues to sing her praises while pledging their bits to assist the queen of vocals to regain herself once more and stand back on her feet again.
We wish Zahara everything of the best in life and we hope she gets all the help she needs to save her home.

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