Redi Tlhabi Slammed For Inaccurate Reporting

She clapped back really hard

By  | Jun 06, 2021, 01:02 PM  | Redi Tlhabi  | Drama

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Radio host and published author Redi Tlhabi got the titles wrong on her recent report and tweeps were not about to let her off the hook that easily.

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Redi reported that the director of services in Ekurhuleni has been shot to death yesterday in Spruitview.

“Wow! The Director of Service Delivery in Ekurhuleni Region was murdered in a hail of bullets last night. Shot at 28 times in Spruitview last night,” she tweeted.
Tweeps were very quick to correct her, others went as far as accusing her of reporting fake news.

Correcting Redi, Modibe said the person who was killed is the human settlement official.

“The person that was murdered is Tebogo Makhoa, a Human Settlements official that was allegedly involved in the selling of RDP houses. Secondly, Ekurhuleni doesn’t have a “Director of Service Delivery.”

However Redi did not take kindly to Modibe’s correction, she fired back asking Modibe if he is having a meltdown over a title.

I did not post motive or reason for Teboho's murder. I posted a fact, that he was shot at 28 times. That is not fake news. Are you really having a meltdown because of a title? It seems a disproportionate response to "Director: Service Delivery" vs "Human Settlements Delivery.
“If your issue is a title, is it material to the fact that he was murdered? Nitpicking about the title, is as irrelevant as me pointing out that he is not "Tebogo" but Teboho? Not relevant. As for motive; it would be highly irresponsible for me to go there barely 24 hours after the murder,” tweeted Redi.
Here are more reactions from other tweeps.
@MsongelwaZu responded: Modiba’s tweet isn’t a meltdown. To say a certain person whose title is “Director of Service Delivery” of Ekurhuleni was shot is wrong when there is no Director of Service Delivery, to begin with. The only true thing in your tweet is that someone was shot 28 times.
“But you just attacking him but U have not responded to Whether Ekhuruleni has "Director of Service Delivery" or Not bcos @mmodiba10 he is not attacking you but Merely saying Ekhuruleni doesn't have " Director of Service delivery" angazi the "meltdown" ingena phi Sis @RediTlhabi?” tweeted @hard-Nash.
@MTswaku: “Catching feeling my 702 person , you were wrong, you reported a wrong thing and there is a meltdown because of that... we used to take you serious, at least take yourself serious Mntase.”

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