Redi Tlhabi Is 'Broke' After Coronavirus Forces Her To Cancel Work

Rather broke and healthy than sick and sorry...

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Redi Tlhabi  | Drama

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Radio host Redi Tlhabi has spoken out about how the coronavirus outbreak has affected her work schedule.

So much so, that she's now lost out on a substantial amount of money because all her upcoming events abroad have been cancelled.

The 702 presenter tweeted; "My bank balance is suddenly empty. Had 6 US events between March and May, all cancelled. I'm glad. Broke but healthy."

Despite her light-hearted approach to the serious topic, Redi warned other South Africans to prepare themselves for "tough times".

She continued;" On a serious and broader note, recession, global markets plus coronavirus makes for a gloomy time. Tough times."

Meanwhile Cape Town band GoodLuck have also had several of their overseas performances cancelled over fear of the outbreak. 

A member of band took to social media to claim to vent their frustrations.

"I just found out that SXSW festival, Ultra Miami and Tomorrowland Winter have all been cancelled and they are talking about canceling Coachella. My band has also had 3 gigs cancelled (2 in Vietnam and 1 in South Africa) due to COVID-19.  I imagine the organizers are concerned about people not wanting to be in a public social spaces with others.

They then went to express their concern for how it would impact on their livelihood as musicians who earn their livings performing at big music events.

"As musicians rely on live gigs and festivals as our main source of income and the way things are going looks extremely worrying for what our future could be like, and we are just one of the many many industries that will be affected. Imagine... If no one will gather publicly anymore to celebrate fun and freedom, what hope do entertainers actually have?"

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It looks like coronavirus isn't going anywhere anytime soon....the question now, is how will our Zalebs survive the crisis?

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