#RHODurban: Jojo Lands On Viewers' Bad Side

Her jokes are no longer funny

By  | Mar 11, 2022, 03:27 PM  | Drama

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As the current season of The Real Housewives of Durban progresses, viewers’ patience for some of the cast members keeps getting thinner. Jojo Robinson is the latest member to incur Mzansi’s wrath. 
JoJo, whose husband is the former kickboxing champion and Durban businessman, Calven Robinson, has fans now turning on her, and it is only getting worse after the most recent episode. 

This episode saw her have a verbal altercation with fellow co-star Nonku Williams, which is when fans concluded that she had crossed the line. They immediately took to social media to express their displeasure with her, saying that nobody speaks to Nonku like that. 

The reactions immediately went viral. Some fans feel like she is fake, constantly hiding her stinging jabs behind the guise of humour. They do not appreciate that one bit, and think that if she is going to be mean and catty, the least she can do is say her comments with her whole chest. Nonku, for instance, is always real, and says it like it is, so she definitely does not deserve the snide remarks from JoJo. 
But it seems like JoJo is not the only one who is rubbing viewers the wrong way of late. Just today, following the same episode, Thobile “MaKhumalo” Mseleku has been dragged and accused of only befriending Sorisha Naidoo so she can use her. 

Fans also feel like she is not even making an effort to fit in with the rest of the housewives. The only reason she is making an effort with Sorisha at all, is because she thinks that aligning herself with the model and actress will give her access to bigger opportunities, networks and contacts, that she can then use for her own benefit as well as that of her husband, Musa Mseleku
This comes only shortly after she was viciously dragged by fans because of her house. When she did a house tour and walked fans through it, they were not impressed at all. She topped trends, as fans thought that, judging by her house, she does not match the class and wealth that the other ladies on the show ooze. 

But MaKhumalo is confident in who she is. She clapped back at the haters, saying she knows who she is, and no amount of pressure from the show and its viewers would ever make her change into someone fake. She is a girl from the rural areas, and she intends to be true to herself, even if that damages her image to viewers. You go girl! 
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