"Thobile Is Just Refusing To Fit In"- RHOD Viewers

The reality show star is being accused of using Sorisha Naidoo

By  | Mar 11, 2022, 10:27 AM 

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Showmax has dropped another thrilling episode of the Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) and it has topped the Twitter trends list.

The show gives viewers a glimpse into the luxurious lifestyles of Durban's rich housewives, mansions, businesses, and the drama that revolves around their husbands and families.

In this week's episode, Londie London had organized a getaway trip to Nambiti Hills Lodge for all the ladies to get to know one another better and to relax. As usual the trip was nothing short of drama.

Firstly, Sorisha Naidoo had offered to fly the ladies in a private jet but she couldn’t fly all the ladies. Instead, she picked Thobile, Annie, Jojo and herself while the other housewives such as LaConco, Nonku and Mabusi had to take a road trip.

Tweeps have observed that Thobile doesn't get along with the other ladies and doesn't make an effort to get to know them. Many feel she spends more time with Sorisha and she should break out of her shell and try to fit in.
Many suspect that she wants to use Sorisha due to her husband's high profile and influence in business so Mseleku can also benefit.

hobile was not well received by avid viewers. Many are questioning her wealth and if it fits the glamorous style of the show. Recently viewers dragged her Mzumbe home and she hit back.

Speaking to Drum Magazine Makhumalo claimed to be authentic and said she would not have shown viewers another glamorous house on the show since she is well known to have a house in Mzumbe on Uthando Nes'thembu.

"If you know MaKhumalo then you’d know that she is someone from the rural areas. So, it was going to be misleading to find MaKhumalo, watching her for the first time on a new show, now you find her at a new house and not in Umzumbe," she told the publication.

“I am one person who is very content, I know who I am, and I do not think there is anything or anything who can make me change the way I look at myself. So regardless of what you believe in, it does not affect me. I know who I am and that does not change. I can try to look at thigs in a way and try to be considerate because if you are living with different people obviously, you need that because you are not the same including your backgrounds.”

According to her, the show's producers were not interested in her other properties. “Thirdly, the producers of the show wanted that aspect of a women from the rural areas who is able to live both the life of the urban as well as that of the rural areas.” If the producers only wanted to portray her urban life, she was not going to agree to it because she is deeply in love with her roots, she says.

“There were never interested in the properties that I might be owning in the urban areas because they wanted to spice things up.”

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