Riky Rick apologises for humiliating fake sneaker fan

It's been a month since 17-year-old Mbulelo Mtselu got humiliated by rapper Ricky Rick and now the rapper is sorry.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Rikhado "Riky Rick" Makhado  | Drama

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Remember the public humiliation the 17-year-old Mbulelo went through after Ricky Rick called him out for wearing fake Balenciaga Speed Trainers? Well, the rapper is now sorry for calling the boy out.

There was a video making waves on Twitter of Rapper Boss Zonke asking a fan to take off his fake Balenciaga Speed sneakers at DipStreet, a premium sneaker and streetwear store in Braamfontein. In the video, Riky Rick asks the boy to take off his shoes so that they can be burnt, hollering that someone should get Mbulelo Vans.

Even though Riky Rick called out the boy for wearing fake sneakers, he eventually bought the boy a pair of new Vans.

Although Mbulelo is not denying that his shoes were fake he now claims that he never came to terms with the situation, especially because the rapper made his close friends laugh at him. 

Anyway, ever since that embarrassing incident, the young man has had a hard time appearing in public as people stare at him all the time, the video went viral from local news channel ENCA, social media to even Youtube, the situation couldn't be avoided and now the boy has lost his girlfriend of 11 months due to all the pressure. 

Mbulelo revealed that he was dumped by his girlfriend during an interview on iol.

“We’d been going through some stuff, and this just added pressure on her. She got tired of everyone asking her questions about whether they’re fake or real. She was just sick of the situation.”

Riky Rick responded to Mbulelo's story by apologizing publicly saying that he meant no harm.

The rapper acknowledged the mistake saying that he and Mbulelo are in good terms and that the boy has been to his house, saying that he will be attending an event that the young boy will be hosting in December.

Though the boy might have allegedly accepted Riky Rick's apology, we hope that this will bring his girlfriend back.

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