Slik Talk Makes Insensitive Comments About Bianca

This is another level of bravery

By  | Mar 04, 2022, 07:01 AM  | Rikhado "Riky Rick" Makhado  | Drama

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Slik Talk topped the trends list when he posted his latest YouTube video, which by the way seems to have been deleted. He took aim at Bianca Naidoo and questioned what she did to help Riky Rick as a man who was openly fighting depression and suicidal thoughts.

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The sad passing of Riky Rick touched everybody and it brewed a conversation about mental health. Slik Talk, who makes his coins by stirring controversy, did exactly that with his latest video which has since gone MIA.

He said, as his wife, Bianca should have done something to help him deal with his depression. He wanted to know if Bianca took him to the doctor for help or a traditional doctor.

"Riky Rick has been contemplating this suicide for two years, I know it, and a lot of people who listen to his music know it...where was Bianca in all of this?"

“My thing is, where was Bianca in all of this? I’m sorry but I have to ask the question. Where was the person sleeping next to him every night when he was going through all these troubles? Because I knew it, a lot of people knew it…did Bianca know it?

“Bianca I’m sorry, but we have to have the difficult conversation. Were you there for this man when he needed you the most? Because we can all tell that Riky Rick was pouring from an empty cup. He needed the help and support. He had a lot of pressure and had a lot of stress," he said.

Slik then points out that Riky wrote on his social media the exact same thing he tweeted hours before his death. "This land is still my home," reads his IG story and that makes Slik Talk think Riky has been contemplating this.

“2 years this person has been contemplating suicide. Where is the responsibility? Where is the accountability? From the wife, from the people he put on? Were they checking on him? Everybody knew this man had demons but nobody was there when he needed them the most.”

“There’s holes in the story”, he said, pointing out that he was found by his management team and not his wife “If you live in the same house as Riky Rick, how does he get found by his management team?”

Several reports though do say he was found by Bianca and his management team together.

Slik Talk also took aim at the people around Riky Rick who he put on and those who claim to be his friend. He called them clout chasers for writing RIP's but not actually being there for Riky.

During his funeral service before the alleged cremation, Bianca spoke so fondly about her late husband and how he loved their children.

"When I think about nine years together, here are the things I am mostly grateful for. Our journey as parents started at the beginning of our relationship. He was an  amazing father to Jordan. They had the most incredible bond from day one. She brought softness to his life."

"Our children told Riky and I the importance of family values. He loved teaching them new things, he wanted them to always be open to new experiences.. He always wanted them to stretch their thinking, expand their horizons . He took a keen interest in their hobbies and passions. He loved them deeply, he was their protector,” she said.

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