Roderick Jaftha thankful for what Rhythm City has done for him

The actor speaks about the recent attention he’s been receiving on social media plus more

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On Wednesday, 29 November, social media was abuzz after a recent image of Roderick Jaftha went viral on social media.

Social media users were shocked at how much Roderick’s physical appearance had changed in comparison to his more youthful looking days back in Generations when he played the role of Glen Majozi.


Roderick spoke to ZAlebs about the recent attention he’s been receiving from the public since the images went viral.

Although Roderick was not fazed by the attention he was receiving he did mention that some of the comments he read on social media were quite brutal but because of his wisdom, he knew how to handle the situation in a mature manner.

“Some other things that I read there were not very kind and if it was at a time when I was still on Generations, I probably would’ve ran and hid in some corner. But it is true that you become a little bit wiser with age and people are going to have their own opinions, so I found the sudden attention slightly amusing to be perfectly honest with you and it really doesn’t bother me.”

The actor/director also added that people forget the fact that he is about to enter his 60's in a few years, so age has played a huge part in his physical appearance.

There were also various comments about him being unemployed after Generations which isn't entirely he says that is far from the truth.

Roderick might’ve been M.I.A in front of the camera but before and even after Generations he had directed two Afrikaans series for SABC and was a part-time director for Maseko Ties which aired on Star-Sat.

He did, however, admit that he had been unemployed for 3-years which had caused quite a lot of stress and weight loss.


He did, however, admit that he had been unemployed for 3-years which had caused quite a lot of stress and weight loss.

“I have been literally unemployed for almost 3-years and the weight loss? I’m telling  you right now, people who run around and talk about slimming medication, just get some heavy stress for three years and that will make you lose all of that weight.”  Said Roderick Jaftha

Roderick has gone on to thank Rhythm City for the opportunity the show has given him

“What Rhythm City has now done for the last couple of days, is open up a lot of opportunities for me. I’m now getting a lot of inbox messages from people with a little bit of power asking me where I’ve been and that they’ve been looking for me to work on certain things with them. There are a couple of discussions, I wouldn’t call them offers for 2018 but nothing is concrete yet. The great thing for me is for 3-years, I had none of that and so now it’s all starting to happen. So Rhythm City has done for me a massive favour. So I will be working next year which is glorious.”

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