Sarah Langa's Advice To Women Looking For Rich Husbands

If you're looking for a blesser or rich spouse, take note...

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Sarah Langa  | Drama

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Sarah Langa has offered her advice on a topic many women today are interested in; bagging a rich spouse or blesser

The beauty influencer - who is married herself - shared her pearls of wisdom with her followers about the pros and cons of having a wealthy partner.

Whilst never having to pay the bills again seems like the obvious one, there is a downside to marrying a powerful and influential man, warns Sarah.

It all started when the YouTuber reacted to a tweet about women who have to split bills with men as well as balance the many roles of being the fairer sex.

"So most women  [are] having to do double/triple the work... imagine splitting bills, cleaning, cooking, having multiple jobs, popping out kids, raising kids, still look after our mothers. YOH!" she tweeted.

The conversation took a more serious turn when Sarah advised women looking for rich hubbies not to get caught up in the material aspect of being a trophy wife, only to be abused - whether physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually or even financially - at the hands of their significant others.

She continued; "I hope while y’all ladies are fixated on this “pay the bill” topic you don’t forget the most important thing is to protect your space....You can pray for a bill-paying-MAN but he could ruin you in ways you’ve never imagined.

"Be woke, know what the following things mean: sexual abuse, financial abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse. ...There’s no amount of money that will ever be able to settle THAT BILL in your life."

She then issued a message to the gents - not to use their wealth and status to take advantage or overpower women.

Sarah added; "Men: STOP USING money & access to opportunity as a tool to emotionally, sexually & physically abuse women...If you wanna take responsibility for a woman, do it with no expectations."

Thank you Sarah for encouraging women to know their worth!

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