The Sho Madjozi Interview With Da Les Which Has Everyone Talking

"Never again!"

By  | Nov 17, 2022, 07:22 PM  | Sho Madjozi  | Drama

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Sho Madjozi's interview with Da Les has gone viral. The Huku hitmaker shocked many when a side of hers which nobody knew about, got exposed. She was a guest on Les's podcast Posted with Da L.E.S and Friendsand a 25 second clip of the interview went viral. 
In the clip, Sho is struggling to speak about her new children's book “ShoMa and the Stars” as the two have been drinking and smoking marijuana. 
A serious Da Les wants to know more about the book and what inspired it, but Sho struggled to put some words together. She instead complimented the nose, “Please can you look at how cute the nose is,” she says.
Sho reacted to the interview saying she would never again take part in such acts. 
Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela expressed disappointment in the interview and said Sho should get a better team. 
“I know some found this funny. To each his own. Where was Sho's manager? Why didn't anyone from her team stop this? It's a children's book. She is clearly inebriated. Why would anyone in that room think it's ok for her to plug a kids' book in this setup,” tweeted @PhilMphela.
Some reacted to this negatively and positively. 
Reacting to Phil Mphela, @TeeTouchza said: "Its not that deep. Im sure you'd lose your mind if you saw drinks and champs podcast where bigger stars than sho madjozi drink and smoke LIVE."
@TSanele26 said: “There is nothing wrong with this. Kids that have responsible parents have no access to this kind of content, which is meant for adults.”
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