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By  | Apr 08, 2021, 04:42 PM  | Shudufhadzo Musida  | Drama

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Newly crowned Miss SA Shudufhadzo recently tweeted about her aspirations to become president and tweeps have had mixed feelings towards her tweet.
Shudufhadzo Musida has received a lot of criticism since taking over the reins. Despite the many appreciative supporters who thank her for being a sight for sore eyes, there is also a fair amount of haters who feel as though she has not been carrying her duties as a Miss SA.

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A couple of months back she shared an Instagram post where she was wearing a brown swimsuit and enjoying a chilled day in the sun. "Iโ€™ve been waking up early to go to [the] gym and things are switching up," she captioned her post.

Many have compared her to the current Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi whose voice was very vocal when it came to chilling topics including gender based violence. The country is faced with many social ills and many people have been looking in Shudu's direction for words of encouragement. Like many would like to argue, she is Miss SA after all so she automatically became a role model.

After posting her pictures this is what many had to say:

@Nthlahle said: "Curent Miss SA  ke Mathata (is a problem). No nice/motivational message. She only tweet nudes."

@AdvoBarryRoux wrote: "Our new Miss SA is always walking around Sandton mall half naked."

@isbhamuu wrote: "As much as I love Shudu she hasnโ€™t been influential...besides the body positivity she hasnโ€™t spoken on any current societal injustices , no encouraging words regarding the virus , charity work donating to people affected by the pandemic , naaaaathing just hot girl summer," she said coupled with many laughing emojis.

@Stha_Tomose also commented: "Iโ€™m sure somewhere somehow, Miss SA does have her duties. Iโ€™m not against the half naked pics, but I would love to see her doing Miss SA duties, if there are any."

Many came to her defence saying the issue here is probably tribalism or the fact that we are currently faced with a pandemic so there isn't much she can do.

@tshepisotkzee defended our Miss SA by saying, "Itโ€™s not that some people have a problem with Miss SA Shudu posting bikini pics. Itโ€™s just that her voice is perhaps not loud enough about the real issues the youth and ordinary South Africans are facing, especially now during a pandemic. How is she using her position?"

@ZiggyMase also defended Shudu by saying since she cannot attend events, there isn't much she can do, "I think because of the pandemic Shudu canโ€™t do most of her duties. Remember theyโ€™re mostly engaged in gathering/events."

Here are more of the reactions:
Musinda clapped back at the hate by posting another bikini pic, "One More for Hate. Miss SA."

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