Sithelo Shuts Down The Internet

The internet is still obsessing over her body

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Sithelo Shozi has broken the internet with her latest snaps showing off her Brazilian Butt Lift. 

Sithelo's Brazilian butt lift (BBL) caused a stir on the internet. People have already dubbed it the best BBL in the game, shading all the girlies who did it. 

Sithelo first debuted her new banging body she got after a visit to Istanbul, Turkey in her IG stories. She also did her teeth at the same clinic. But fans finally got the full body look in her recent photo shoot with 'Playboy.' 
Mzansi cannot stop gushing over her body. 

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A few months back Sithelo announced that she had a BBL. 
"@the_clinique really came through when I was struggling from my first procedure. Fibroids, lump and a really hard tummy from my first liposuction. I did not have enough fat but I tried to gain weight lipo + bbl."
She shared how the journey was like on Instagram live, "I was at the hospital. I was advised to be here for two days but I think on the third day I will go to the hotel. There will be so many things I'll be doing. The doctor will Advise. "
She then said people need to break the stigma against BBL's โ€œI wish weโ€™d retract the surgery stigma we seem to pass on. Thereโ€™s absolutely nothing wrong with giving yourself a makeover, itโ€™s each to their own when it comes to such after three children. This was the best decision and best reward I couldโ€™ve given myself.โ€ she shared.
โ€œAfter spending the past two months doing some diet planning and endless takeoutโ€™s, I was finally able to gain enough weight and fat for the procedure I wanted. My hip dips mustโ€™ve been my biggest worry and also achieving my desired shape.โ€
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