Simmy Wins Over Sha Sha?

It is the battle of the new-age musicians.

By  | Aug 09, 2020, 11:30 AM  | Simmy  | Drama

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Simmy has won the favor of tweeps in the latest battle of “who is better” competition on Twitter that pits two popular personalities against each other.

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Sha Sha has been arguably the favor of the month following her BET win, which she capitalized on with two-television appearances in the same weekend. 

Therefore it comes as a surprised that the “Blossom” musician did not win the favor of social media when pitted against the “Tugela Fairy;” Simmy

When asked who takes the title of the best entertainer between the two, Simmy won.  Many claimed that the first lady of El-World Music wins in the looks and musicality department.

Image credit: Instagram @simmymusicsa
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