Sis Gugu Loses It All!

"All in the name of a journey I did not ask for"

By  | Mar 28, 2022, 07:49 PM  | Drama

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Popular traditional healer and medium Gugu Ndabezitha has revealed some sad news which made her top the trends list. The healer who is popularly known as Sis Gugu shared that her calling as a traditional healer, caused her to lose her job, her triple story house and her Range Rover.

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Gugu revealed that although she accepted her calling 5 years ago, she still lost it all. This is proving to be a challenge for her but she has accepted things as is.

"Year 5 of accepting a calling diary: I’m currently going through: Losing my house, losing my car and losing my career. I don’t understand. All in the name of a journey I did not ask for. The dagger in the heart? I still have to show up to help people…but God restores."

The healer then said she will bottle anything up because she does not believe in any of that because someone out there going through the same thing, will see her struggle and learn from them. Most importantly, will know that they are not alone. 

"Don’t tell me to keep anything private. I don’t believe in that. Someone else needs to see this - too many people act perfect and I’m not shame. I’ve gone through all of it in this journey & if you’re in it as well, please understand that you’re not the only one! I won’t give up," she said. 

Gugu is also understandably hurt and shaking and she told people to not worry about her. 

"I’m actually shaking. I’ll come back with a bigger one, don’t worry ‘bout me…but you’re not alone. Even outside of the space of dlozi children, people are going through a weird phase this year. Go through it my skaat. We’ll come out stronger."

"All I do is mind my business, help people and smash career goals. I don’t bother anyone and I definitely don’t deserve this. Through it all, I still showed up and changed other people’s lives while mine was falling apart. We move."

Just last year, Gugu revealed she had bought her first double story home after years of sleeping on the kitchen floor, "Lol. Every morning I laugh at how 5 years ago, I was still sleeping on the kitchen floor. All I wanted was a double story but God said nope, Triple. New home fit for a young queen. Iinyembezi aziweli phansi - bambelela nawe" she captions her announcement. 

Tweeps offered words of advice and told their struggles as well: 

"This is me right now. I am homeless, my so called sister sold my mother's house without my consent behind my back. Only found out yesterday. Kodwa I know my God always comes through for me."

"Literally my mom.. She has accepted, went back to sniffing snuff, wa phahla but nothing is working out... She lost immense weight, she's just hanging to dear life but nothing is working out... The pain of having to see her go through this is heartbreaking..."

"He gives, He takes & He restores. You’re an overcomer but first you have to go through. March was a horrible month but more is yet to come. You won’t be starting from scratch, you’ll start again & they have qualified you so they will honour you. Argh love you mama"

"2022 is not a very good year financially, I don't even look forward to pay day cause I know I will still bother my siblings just to get through the month... I hope you will recover, I am praying for all of us."

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