Sithelo Slams Troll Who Said Shauwn Mkhize Gave Her Money

She recently transformed her body in Turkey

By  | Aug 28, 2022, 04:14 PM  | Sithelo Shozi  | Drama

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Sithelo Shozi was at The Clinique in Istanbul to do some dental work and have a BBL done. With the amount of time she spent in Turkey, a troll questioned her financial status, coming to the conclusion that Shauwn Mkhize gave her money.

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A tweep by the handle @SomoTshepang expressed shock over the assumption that Shauwn Mkhize gave Sithelo Shozi money. However, Sithelo who is always ready with the comebacks, said the tweep is drunk.
Sithelo created a petition a few weeks ago to gain the public's support in her fight with her ex and baby daddy, Andile Mpisane. She detailed what she paints as her truth, and said she is proud of its success of it and that all signatures will be taken into consideration during court proceedings.

Responding to a tweep who asked her what happened to the petition and what further action is she taking, Sithelo responded by saying she saw how people accused her of bribery and that she understands that false accusations of gender-based violence are a thing, she said she will sand firm to her truth. 

"I feel the need to respond to this as I’m the one who asked the public for assistance for that petition & I’ve noted various people thinking I’ve been bribed to clear everything. False. GBV is a serious matter in this country and I will stand by my truth to the very end.

"The petition as you ask, has done extremely well and furthermore exceeded my expectations, all signatures will be taken into consideration on the day of the court proceedings. Due to the petition and case being a court matter now, my lawyers are taking good care of everything," wrote Sithelo.

She said her silence is just her obeying the rules of the law because it is now a court matter.

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Sithelo noted how people signed her petition as it reached bigger numbers than anticipated. 

“Thank you to everyone who took time to sign the petition, it has done exceptionally well and exceeded all our expectations, it surely will serve its purpose,” she wrote. “I’ve realized how easy it is to say or encourage everyone on speaking out about their past traumas, things they may be going through even in the present moment, but nobody really prepares you for the backlash that comes with it. We are truly a big part of the problem too unfortunately. We continuously make it so hard for people to tell their stories and escape these past traumas. I for one, stand in my truth and will always dim any noise around it.”

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