Sithelo Thanks Fans As Petition Reaches 50K Signatures

"It surely will serve its purpose"

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Sithelo started a petition which was intended on reaching 25K signatures from people who wanted to see justice prevail. But seeing how fast it reached it's target and exceeded it, Sithelo pushed the goal to 75K and so far she has gained over 50K supporters.

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Sithelo thanked each and every one of her supporters for signing the petition, saying it takes victims of abuse to speak out so others can too.

“Thank you to everyone who took time to sign the petition, it has done exceptionally well and exceeded all our expectations, it surely will serve its purpose,” she wrote. “I’ve realized how easy it is to say or encourage everyone on speaking out about their past traumas, things they may be going through even in the present moment, but nobody really prepares you for the backlash that comes with it. We are truly a big part of the problem too unfortunately. We continuously make it so hard for people to tell their stories and escape these past traumas. I for one, stand in my truth and will always dim any noise around it.”
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In her petition, Sithelo said she has been abused by Andile Mpisane, "I have been abused physically and emotionally, and am constantly intimidated by The father of my children."

"While in the relationship I was beaten mercilessly and consistently. I did the best I could, and stayed silent, but now I feel that I have been through enough. I feel that I have been abused and pushed far enough by the father of my children.

Sithelo also alleged that she was abused when she was pregnant with her third baby, "The father of my children beat me to a pulp while I was pregnant with our last child, and I had to wait 3 days to find out if my baby would survive. The last draw was when the father of the children started questioning the paternity of our last child - after everything that I silently withstood.

"My children are far too young to live with a mother who is being bullied, intimidated and still facing abuse. I am a human being too and this kind of abuse has gone on for too long. I want freedom and justice."

She also claimed that Andile still threatens her till today, "The father of my child still calls threatening to kill me. Even though I’ve moved out of our joint home with the children, he has managed to find out where we now live."

"I have filed for a protection order against the father of my children," she said, stating that this is the whole point of her petition.

"I have started this petition to plead for justice to prevail; for the protection order to be granted so that me and my children are safe. Whilst this will put me against a powerful, well connected and wealthy individual, I am also a person with rights and my children deserve a fighting chance," she added.

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