SK Khoza Slams Assault Rumours

He was rumoured to have assaulted his manager

By  | Sep 01, 2022, 09:24 AM  | Sthembiso "SK" Khoza  | Drama

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Controversial actor SK Khoza has been trending for all the wrong reasons yet again. The Black Door actor was accused of various offenses by blogger Musa Khawula, including failing to pay papgeld with his 6-year-old with Gogo Maweni, apparently getting fired from Kings Of Joburg, and assaulting his manager Sanele.

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Taking to Instagram live with his manager Sanele, they debunked these rumours started by Musa. The blogger alleged SK physically assaulted Sanele because he did not attend a gig in Swaziland. He further added that Sanele opened a case against SK at the Sandton police station.

“On Friday SK Khoza physically assaulted his manager Sanele. SK Khoza had a gig in Swaziland that he failed to show up for. As a result of his drug use and the assault case opened by Sanele at Sandton Police Station saw him fail to keep to his commitment,” tweeted the blogger.

In the live, Sanele joked that he could squash SK during a fight, highlighting that he could never lose a fight to him.

“You know, I was on his live thingy thingy on Twitter. Does he know that I can squash you?” Sanele said and they both laughed.

They added that they are on good terms and are working well together. SK then said people always make noise when he does bad, and when he does good, people go silent.

“I’ve realised that doesn’t matter, my king, people will never talk when I’m doing great. They will never talk about it. It’s never loud,” SK said and his manager Sanele said they will not entertain rumours, because they are all about work, “This n**ga is busy making false allegations and we are all about the work.”

They are not too mad at this because like they say all publicity is good publicity so they are just smiling all the way to the bank.

SK remained mum on the other rumours but his baby mama Gogo Maweni spoke out about not receiving child support of R6000 from the actor. She said she is more than capable of raising their kid.

''Cause I don’t need his money! I’m financially independent more than Independent I work hard n my kids have everything including my kids have an amazing father figure my husband," she said. 

Responding to another tweep she said, "Lasts get one thing straight wena I don’t want that money i am more then capable of Raising kids by myself n I wish Woman where as Independent is as I am."

She explained that their sons school fees is the reason she demands R6000 from SK.
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