WATCH: Gogo Maweni Drags SK Khoza

Her kids are her priority

By  | Apr 08, 2022, 09:24 AM  | Sthembiso "SK" Khoza  | Drama

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Gogo Maweni has taken to Instagram live to yet again address the scandal she is involved in. Her baby daddy, SK Khoza was seen on multiple videos in a completely shocking state and all fingers pointed towards the traditional healer.

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Taking to Instagram live to address the rumours, Gogo Maweni said she can not be held responsible for SK Khoza's actions. She is just a concerned mother taking care of her children that is all. She is well aware of the people calling her names such as witch and many others.

"Guys, I cannot be held responsible for taking care of my own kids and making sure that my kids are provided for. If you guys want to call me names and call me a witch," she said.

After the man seen in the video with her added his two cents, Maweni said she did feel some type of way when SK was seen partying with girls and having the time of his life. She then dragged him.

"Would you actually not do anything for your child, you're out in the streets, having the time of your life with girls and drinking. But that didn't really bother me, what bothered me was the fact that he thought it was okay and he could get away with it. That's why I went and spoke to the ancestors," said Gogo Maweni.

People grew suspicious of her after her post, “I don’t have baby daddy issues. All issues were settled in my nduma! The outcome was to leave them with nothing…if my kids don’t “eat” no one eats – do the math!”

In a previous interview with Gagasi FM, she addressed this post and her relationship with the former The Queen star.

"For those who don't know, I supported him financially and emotionally. I have never seen this side of him and I cannot comment on his behavior because there are things that I cannot speak about regarding him.

She did say she will help him if he seeks help from her.

"I will be willing to assist. Sthembiso is the father of my child. I don't hate him and I don't like seeing him do all these things and to be honest I was hurt. To be honest he was one of the people who pushed me to accept my ancestral calling. I don't want to and he said you need to go through this and I will support you."

"I have ancestors and they watch over me...I didn't do anything that anybody wouldn't do,” she said adding that her ancestors watch over her.

Besides blaming Gogo Maweni, others blamed SK Khoza and alleged that he uses drugs, but he told TimesLive that he does not and that people talk about things they know nothing of. 

"People like to say nonsense. I don't do drugs, my family know that. I've taken drug tests in front of my family members. It's literally one of those moments where I was rubbed the wrong way and I reacted, that's that," he told the publiction. 

"I purposefully did that, because I wanted to show people that they are quick to jump to conclusions. When I said that maybe some of us are meant to be great in the next lifetime, it's maybe that. It means maybe, if things are not great in this lifetime, maybe they will be great in the next lifetime.”

He alleged that the Limpopo lodge owner hurled racial slurs at him, hence his outrage resulting in that video. But the manager refuted that and said SK posed as a threat to the people in the lodge.

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