LISTEN: "Everything That's Coming For Him He Deserves It" Thami Dish In A Leaked Audio

The queer activist opens up about the abuse Mohale allegedly suffered at the hands of Somizi

By  | Aug 12, 2022, 03:41 PM  | Thami Dish  | Drama

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Somizi Mhlongo's former bestie Thami Dish, has opened up about the abuse Mohale allegedly suffered at Somizi's hands.

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In a leaked audio where Thami and his friend were gossiping about the couple, Thami revealed that their friendship collapsed after Somizi invited to the reveal of a limited-edition GH Mumm Champagne bottle that had his signature engraved on it.

Thami said that this happened on World Aids Day, and as queer activist he had other commitments related as his primary interest is working around health and HIV/AIDS hence, he told Somizi he wouldn't just go to a bottle signing.

"There is nothing amazing about signing a bottle," he said in the audio.

"Everything that is coming for him he deserves it." Thami continued.

The entrepreneur said he does not wish anything bad on him but he deserves it everything that he is currently going through.

He also speak about why he was not at Somizi's wedding. "He knows that I know the truth from day one, he was not going to walk down the aisle and cry crocodile tears while I am present there," he said.

Thami and Palesa said Somizi's friends are beginning to see him for who he truly is. "They have always seen him for what he is."

Thami continued "He beat up a children," he continued.

Thami also speaks about a meeting they had where he told Somizi about the repercussions of his alleged abusive nature.

"I told him this kid is going to open a case, you will lose all your sponsors, you will go down with a profile of not just a sex offender but an abuser."
In a lengthy statement released via social media, Thami debunked claims that he enabled Somizi to abuse Mohale. This follows after Mohale said he asked him to go back to his marital house following an alleged domestic violence incident at home.

"While I would have facilitated a meeting between the two parties at my house after an altercation, It would have been purely for the purposes of having both parties share their side of the story from their perspective: At no point was a suggestion made by myself that Mr Mohale Motaung to a home or a relationship where there was ongoing abuse, and he knows this. That would have been a decision he took outside of my influence," he said in the statement.

Thami says he would have appreciated to be given an opportunity to respond where his name was mentioned. "While I applaud Mohale for speaking up. I would have preferred to be afforded a right of reply in the instances where my name is implicated, especially as an enabler of abuse," read part of the statement.

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