Thando Thabethe Responds To Bleaching Claims

She is tired of this now!

By  | Dec 08, 2020, 06:10 PM  | Thando "Thabooty" Thabethe  | Drama

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Being a celebrity has its own perks, besides the glamorous life sometimes you face criticism and hate hence you might need to clap back at haters to remind them that you are nice but not stupid.

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TV presenter and actress Thando Thabethe had to address a fan who asked her if she beached her skin or not. The fan tweeted "Thando Thabethe le yena bleached? I do acknowledge that it’s not my business." The actress responded by saying this is old news now.

This is not the first time Thando had to address rumors that she lightened her skin color. In 2015 she was subjected to the same rumors and the star shared a baby pic of her which 'proved' her fairness was not fake!
Although some celebs and ordinary people bleach their skin, some genuinely do not, but there are those who are constantly accused of bleaching and they either clap back or mize trolls.

has also been accused of bleaching but mo'ghel is quick to put haters at their place. The TV star recently shared a series of snaps on social media. One fan, in particular, stated, “Stop the skin bleaching. You looking extra pink...”. The media extraordinaire didn’t have time for the accusations and quickly clapped back with a sarcastic comment. She responded with, “lol! Shame... ya’ll want me to bleach my skin so bad! Lol!”.

One celeb who is proud of her skin lightening is Khanyi Mbau. The TV star addressed trolls in 2019 who were spewing hate on her and said she is not a role model to kids. In a series of tweets, Khanyi said people have been talking and she does not care because they made her famous.

"Remember that I am not a nanny, I am not here to raise your kids.. find a better role model for them. Secondly, I am not a therapist to help you cope with being black or African. Lastly, I am a celebrity you have a choice 2love me or hate me ( although I prefer us being cool)."

"Now, type in Khanyi Mbau on google search.. go far back as 2005 and see how your opinions mean nothing to me from when. I dated ur fathers and taught you Botox and that men must buy woman's cars, etc YALL BEEN TALKING. Things ur idols are doing a decade later."

"In closing, I AM STILL THE KHANYI YOU LOVE TO HATE! I am still going 2 give u reasons 2 have constipation. I will rock this boat till the seas dry up. AND YOU WILL BE THERE TO SUPPORT AND WITNESS IT! Y’all forget that we r in this together! U gave me this fame! Write it down MBAU," she wrote on Twitter.

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