eHostela's Thobani Dlomo Attacked?

Under tough circumstances, he held his own

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Thobani Dlomo Nzuza  | Drama

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Thobani Dlomo who is popularly known for his portrayal of Mndeni on Mzansi Magic's eHostela is reported to have been attacked over the weekend.

According to Isolezwe, the actor was on his way to attend Sjava's show at Constitutional Hill in Johannesburg when the incident occurred.

Speaking to the publication, Thobani explained that as he was about to enter the venue where the event was held, he pulled out his cellphone to call the individual who had his tickets.

Unfortunately, by doing so, he found himself in harm's way.

"There was a car passing by, and it seems as though the people in the car were planning on robbing me of my phone."
He said.

All of a sudden, Thobani found himself scuffling with another man as he fought for his phone. The actor shared that he wasn't severely hurt, but a bit shaken by the incident.

Thobani expressed that he was extremely disappointed at the security guards who witnessed everything happen but did not help him while he fought for his cellphone.

Thobani's phone was damaged, but he managed to retrieve it during the scuffle.

The actor also expressed that he is disappointed at how comfortable criminals are in this country and that there is something that seriously needs to be done about the crime in South Africa.

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