Lorna Maseko Drags Emirates Over Caviar

Seems business class is not what it used to be…

By  | Feb 04, 2023, 10:42 AM  | Lorna Maseko  | Drama

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Lorna Maseko is the former ballerina turned luxury television personality as part of the stellar cast of SABC 3’s former lifestyle and luxury show Top Billing. In recent years, the broadcaster has transitioned from host to culinary expert and influencer with her own cookbook and successful television cooking show.

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But one thing has remained the same throughout her many transitions, and that is that Lorna Maseko only associates with luxury. A fact which was highlighted when she dabbled in reality television as part of the cast of Bonang Matheba’s reality show Being Bonang

As such, it seems that Lorna was tired of keeping the treatment she receives on Emirates’ business class flights to herself anymore. 

Lorna Maseko drags Emirates over caviar

Lorna recently took to Twitter to finally share her “rich life” frustrations. This is as she has been an avid advocate that when flying, always use Emirates. Specifically for her, it seems that business class is her go-to. While for some this might be enough to please you during your flight. 

For someone like Lorna, who has been flying in luxury for years, there seem to be icks that she cannot tolerate anymore. Specifically, Lorna explained how even after multiple complaints, her caviar continually has veiny things she has to remove herself from her plate. As such, she asked for help from her followers to bring awareness to this fact.
One follower seemed to highlight the fact that Lorna was asking her followers to fight a battle which should have a tax bracket disclaimer. Moreover, Emirates did reach out to her asserting that if she follows the proper procedures they will attend to her complaint.
But Lorna is not the only ZAlebs this week to use Twitter as a platform to voice out their grievances with service delivery. Shimza also took to Twitter to at least share the relatable Uber Food scam experience he recently went through. As reported at the time: 

It seems that even our ZAlebs are not exempted from the recent scam conducted by Uber drivers. 

Specifically, Uber Food drivers. This is as Uber Food will confirm your order, confirm the driver and that they are picking up your meal. They will share the driver driving to your location and confirm his arrival. However, upon going to meet your driver to collect your food, you find that they are not there. 

When attempting to call the driver, they ignore your calls. A tell-tale sign that they have driven off with your meal. As Uber does not provide cash refunds and even if they did, they are not immediate. Therefore, your choice is to starve or order food again and decide to either trust the next driver or fetch it yourself. 

This is what almost happened to Shimza with his KFC meal. However, the beauty of staying at an estate, the driver was prevented from exiting the estate when he attempted to drive off with the meal. Upon confronting the driver, he lied and asserted that Shimza cancelled the meal while knowing that he could get away with the meal because this was his last trip for the day.

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