Makhumalo Mseleku denies coming to Bonang's defence

We've all be catfished!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Thobile "MaKhumalo" Mseleku  | Drama

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Makhumalo Mseleku denies coming to Bonang's defence

Late last night, the Uthando Nesthumbu star Thobile Khumalo‏ took to Twitter to denounce the @MakhumsMseleku account that recently defended Bonang Matheba. 

She decided to address this after it was brought to her attention that there was an account on social media bearing her name that was very active. 

Tweeting from the @Thobile06132590 account, she stated, via a video that @Thobile06132590 has always been her handle. 

Her biggest issue with the account is the fact that the person behind the account was sharing their views but hiding behind her name so whatever views they aired were attributed to her - like the day they came to Bonang's Matheba's defence after she was attacked by the student who was awaiting financial assistance from her. 

She then pleaded with the anonymous person behind the account, asking them why they were so comfortable with pretending to be her. 

She clarified that this was not the first time that she has complained about this page but starting last night, she was going to report it as fake and have it deactivated. Watch her statements below: 

She then posted another video pleading with her fans and followers to report to account and have it taken down. 

She was awake well after midnight and claimed it was apparently due to stress about this whole situation. 

The last update she posted was that she was blocked from viewing the @MakhumsMseleku account: 

The account apparently only joined Twitter in March 2016 while the @MakhumsMseleku account only joined Twitter in June of this year.

thobile makhumalo mseleku twitter
fake makhumalo mseleku twitter account

After denying being a fake account, the Twitter user then confirmed Thobile's claims 

fake makhumalo mseleku twitter account

And proceeded to shade her...

fake makhumalo mseleku account
fake makhumalo mseleku account

Before sending out a rude apology. 

fake makhumalo mseleku account

Wow, how are you going to steal someone's identity and then be rude about it when you get called out? Seeing as this was never billed as a parody account the the person used her name and likeness while presenting to be her, Thobile has grounds to sue. 

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