Is TT Mbha Missing Somizi?

The two were once one of Mzansi's most favourite besties in ZAlebville before their fallout

By  | Feb 04, 2022, 09:29 AM  | TT Mbha  | Drama

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It has been a couple years since real estate entrepreneur TT Mbha. T
and flamboyant media personality Somizi Mhlongo had their fallout. The two were once one of Mzansi's most favourite besties in ZAlebville, and when they headed their separate ways, they left many people heartbroken.

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In an Instagram post that has since been deleted, TT shared an old picture of him with his wife, Somizi and Mohale, when they used to hangout together.

TT said his wife had sent the picture to him but he didn't know how to reply to her because a lot has changed since their beef. He captioned the snap "My wife sent me this pic from 2 years ago today and honestly didn't know how to respond to her because so much has changed in the past 2 years. One thing I'm definitely certain about is that  life is way too short, so just live your best life," he wrote.
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Andile Ncube replied to his post and said " Are you okay buddy? Missing your friend? You still know his number off by hear mos. It's ok bud. Wanna talk? I am clearly not enough so go back to your bestie"
YouTube Screenshot: The Tea World.

At first it wasn't clear why the two were not seeing eye to eye but Somizi's estranged husband Mohale Motaung, eventually spilled the tea. In a leaked conversation between him and former Living The Dream producer Legend Manqele, Mohale revealed that their beef started after TT Mbha sabotaged his career.

This is after Somizi never wanted him to work with some people in the entertainment industry. Mohale suspected that Somizi told TT Mbha to tell The Fergusons to not hire him. The Fergusons then stopped talking to him.

“Connie abruptly stopped speaking to me... I found out two years later, confronted Somizi, who confronted TT (TT Mbha, musician and artist), and they broke up as friends, but I figured Somizi probably told TT to go tell the Fergusons not to give me a job because he was the only person I spoke to about the conversation I had with Connie and Shona,” he continued. When the producer inquired if this was a type of jealousy or control, Mohale said,

When Legend asked if Somizi was being controlling or jealous, Mohale said, "It's more control than jealousy." “There have been a lot of possibilities I've been passing up... he'd make sure I didn't get them, or suggest that I shouldn't pursue them, or [say] that I've been working too hard.” 

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