Tweezy's Dark Hole

The music producer is battling depression

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Tumelo "Tweezy" Mathebula  | Drama

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With the growing suicide rate in South Africa, depression continues to be one of the most deadly medical conditions to threaten one's overall health.

Mzansi's revered music producer and rapper, Tweezy aka Tumelo Mathebula shared that he too is dealing with mental health issues. The Soweto born multi talented artist, recently shared cryptic hints on Twitter regarding his general state of well being.

Tweezy made mention that he is going through what is regarded as an extremely dangerous stage of mental health - severe depression. Which, according to Tweezy, involves emotions of not truly feeling like his actual self.
It seems the Ambition hitmaker will be taking a social media hiatus, which will form part of his healing journey.

Tweezy posted the following tweet:

Fellow rappers sent comforting and encouraging words to Tweezy.

The Big Hash:

Stogie T:

Tweezy is brave to have come out and share his pain on a huge platform such as Twitter. Hopefully he'll come around in no time.

Depression has claimed the lives of many of our beloved celebrities over the years.

South African hip hop giant, HHP finally succumbed to his internal battle with depression last year. As part of his last comeback to the music industry, HHP spoke openly about the drowning and overwhelming phases of his personal and professional life.

The Mafikeng born star's music was no longer peaking as it used to, which left HHP wondering if he should start putting together a CV and begin to traditionally apply for regular jobs.

Ultimately life seemed to have been too much on the grey side, as he was found dead at his house after taking his own life.

More recently, Mzansi lost yet another promising star to depression - Nichume. Speculations of mismanagement of funds by her management company, Top Chap Media, were rife as they were also backed by the late star's family. The management company is owned by close collaborator, Mobi Dixon. The frustrations of working in the entertainment industry had seemingly proven too much for her.

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