South Africans shocked at racist remarks towards Tumi Morake's accident

The response to Tumi Morake's car accident was met with sympathy & vile hostility.

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Advertiser cuts ties with Jacaranda FM because of Tumi Morake

It was rather unfortunate to see some South Africans express their joy at the expense of Tumi and her family's hurt at this time.

On Friday night, Tumi Morake and her family were injured during a head-on collision whilst on their way to Sun City.

The Morake family was among the ten people who were involved in the accident. According to EWN reports, all occupants involved in the accident sustained minor injuries and received the best of medical care

Whilst news made its way onto social media, South African's offered their words of encouragement & prayers to not only the Morake family but to all those who were involved in the accident.


However, not everyone showed empathy towards Tumi.

The intelligence Bureau SA Facebook page announced the news of Tumi's accident and the racist comments that stemmed from that announcement was just shocking. Words such as bitch & karma were thrown around as some of the people seemed somewhat joyful of what had occurred to Tumi and her family

So you may wonder why some white people have responded so negatively towards Tumi's accident.

Well, in September, Tumi Morake addressed the issue of racism in the country during her show on Jacaranda FM & because of her opinion she was then labeled as a racist by Jacaranda FM's white listeners.

Tumi stood her ground and mentioned that she was not being racist but merely pointing out the elephant in the room when it comes to racism in this country.

Read more of that story here.

The issue was so intense that some advertisers began to cut ties with Jacaranda FM because of Tumi Morake's comments & the obvious pressure they received from listeners

South Africans - white & black were clearly disturbed by the racist comments that were coming from some white South Africans with regards to Tumi's accident

We wish all those who were involved in the accident a speedy recovery.

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