[WATCH]: Unathi Nkayi Opens Up About Her Struggle With Depression

Sista Unsta has had it rough in life.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Unathi Nkayi  | Drama

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In recent years, we have witnessed many of our celebrities come forth about their struggle with depression.

In as much as celebrities are involuntarily put on a pedestal by their fans, when they share parts of their lives that aren't all glossy, it immediately triggers our minds to the reality that by virtue of being human, like the rest of us, they are not immune to life's challenges.

The latest local star that has opened up about her struggle with depression is musician and Idols judge, Unathi Nkayi.

In an interview that she did with her psychologist father, Sakhiwo Nkayi on My TruthTV, Unathi opened up about a myriad of aspects in her personal life, including mental health and depression in her own family.

Unathi posted a video of the insightful interview on her Instagram page and wrote the following caption:

"It’s okay to not be OKAY. Please watch my full interview. The first I’ve ever done with my father, psychologist Sakhiwo Nkayi We talk mental HEALTH in families, my journeythrough my transition into my new life and how we as a family dealt with that.MyTruth.tv."

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The 40-year-old star also divulges about her alcohol routine that she had curated - which was one of her survival tools, especially during the divorce period from her ex husband, Thomas Msengana.

“I had to time it very well. My kids’ bedtime was 8:30pm, so I would drink from that time and make sure I was sober by 5am when they woke up. I needed to be sober for them and the listeners on Metro FM. I didn’t want my children to see me at my lowest. Through my experience I’ve learnt that it’s OK to be not OK,” she said.

Unathi Nkayi has since enlisted the services of a Therapist,  who she credits to have guided her through her difficult journey in life.

"I started seeing a therapist in 2017 and to this day I still consult every two weeks. It has been my journey of healing. I am encouraging everyone to see a therapist, it’s the best thing one can do for oneself."

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