Utatakho: When a dad thinks his son is an abomination

Okay, now this is drama!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Drama

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Utatakho: When a dad thinks his son is an abomination

Ja neh! We have seen a whole lot of drama on our television screens of late, and what’s even more interesting is that all of the drama we have witnessed is local. Our very own Jerry Springer experiences.

On Tuesday night, we were taken aback at how dramatic the latest Utatakho episode was.

Viewers were introduced to Oupa, who had requested Utatakho assist him with a DNA test after his ex-lover had suddenly informed him that he had a 27-year-old son. This did not sit well with Oupa, who feels Motshidi (his ex-lover) had been sleeping around and does not know who the father of her son really is.

Oupa, who strongly feels that all women in South Africa are wicked, was determined to get to the bottom of this by the end of the show. However, the process of receiving the DNA results was filled with a whole lot of drama as Oupa, his ex-girlfriend, and alleged son Kagiso butted heads from the get go.

It was clear that Oupa wanted nothing to do with Kagiso, and we were shocked when he said that if the DNA results proved that Kagiso was indeed his son, it would be an abomination.

An abomination???


Then there was the head shape issue. Oupa’s other reason for not believing that Kagiso was his son was because his head wasn’t shaped like his. So a child can only be part of a family if their head shape is exactly the same? Oupa also believed that in his family the firstborns are always girls - a belief he has always hung on to since his youth. However, both of his beliefs failed him as the DNA results confirmed that Kagiso was, in fact, his son. Whilst Oupa wiped off the egg smeared all over his face, Kagiso and his grandmother (Oupa’s mother) celebrated with a sweet embrace that was initiated by the grandmother. Kagiso’s grin was priceless. Even people watching were happy for him. Oupa was so disappointed that he didn't even want to hug or shake his own son's hand. Even gogo had to persuade him to give his son an embrace in front of the entire nation. On another note, just like many, we've realised that Utatakho has become a show that also exposes a lot of women's infidelity, considering how many of the DNA results in the past episodes have shown that the targeted men were in fact not the fathers. Could it be that women cheat more than men? Image Credit: Facebook
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