Vusi Thanda Responds To Negative Comments From People

"I am scared to talk now"

By  | Sep 26, 2022, 01:26 PM  | Drama

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Emzini Wezinsizwa actor Vusi Thanda has spoken about how he received some nasty calls from people following his plea for help. The actor is grateful for the help he received from the public but noted the negativity which came with him openly asking for rent money. 
It all started with a Facebook user Nozuko MaRhadebe who said life has not been good to the actor. 
"As far as am concerned, this is Tshawe from e Mzini wezintsizwa. These are the people we grew up watching in the entertainment industry. We know life is like can knock you sometimes, no one has their formula. Life has knocked him too like anyone. Please people a person's R10 can go a long way. Life is not easy for him, at times he needs to go to the clinic for treatment, and age is a problem already.
"I humble myself please no negative comments people, am not trying to be arrogant but if you are not interested just keep quiet. I will ask him to make a video with his account number to avoid a scam. Tomorrow is me that day it's you. Anyone who can help please Lords," she wrote.
Following that post, he went on video and showed his Capitec Bank card with his details and further escalated his plea. 
Vusi owed R45 000 to his landlord but received R100 000 in donations from the public. 
But it was not all easy as he told Daily Sun that people were very mean and nasty to him for going public. ‘I am scared to talk now. I am old and I can’t take such treatment from young people.”

Thanking people for donating the money he said, "[I want to thank those who donated for such generosity. Their donations have reached R100,000 and I am thankful for that. I don’t care about those who have criticised me for asking for help from the public. These are people who called themselves friends but they were not there when I needed them. Some of them knew my situation but they never assisted me,” he said. 

There has been a growing number of celebs who went on social media to ask for help. Setting the trend was Zahara, then others such as Dr. Malinga followed suite. 

Speaking of financial woes, Sophie Ndaba was rumoured to be homeless when her home allegedly got sold by the bank. Sunday World reported that the Johannesburg High Court gave Mercantile Bank permission to sell her luxury Johannesburg home. 

Addressing these claims as well as the one that she is ailing, Sophie took to Instagram and set the record straight. 

"Let me give you education 101. When a bank sells a house it's called an auction. I sold my house through CF property agency. Stop messing with my business, stop messing with my family and stop messing with my future. I am rewriting my future, and I don't need you helping me with your stupidity."

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