Watch the drama-filled trailer for The Ranakas season 2

The second season of the Ranaka's looks HEAVY 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Drama

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DIneo Ranaka uses her platform to have important discussions

Fans across the nation have been anticipating the return of Mzansi Magic's hit reality show, The Ranakas and considering how well the first season did and how crazy the trailer for the upcoming season looks... it's about to rake in the ABC figures once again. 

We don't think any trailer in recent TV history has made us go "yoh" as often as this one did. 

Let's start with Mzi and Michelle, who weren't on the greatest of terms last season due to Mzi's behaviour. He eventually won her back but he might just be on the brink of losing her as (in the promo) he reveals that the child she is pregnant with is not his first child. 


The pair were recently married in a traditional ceremony. 

And then there's Mpumi, the older sister, who had an emotional chat about the birds and the bees with her oldest child. That clip was followed by a clip featuring a quote from Dineo: 

"I am good at breaking up, just ask the men that I made my children with."


That was also followed by a scene of Ma Ranaka moering another one of her kids as well as scene of Mzi flipping out and dropping a few F-bombs. 

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This season's tag line is "bent but not broken" so hopefully the Ranaka family will make it through.

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