Zikhona Sodlaka on being questioned about her sexuality

Zikhona clears the air 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Zikhona Sodlaka  | Drama

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Zikhona Sodlaka

Zikhona has been striding in the entertainment industry and is undeniably one of the most talented actors in the game as she's managed to maintain her relevance in the entertainment industry beyond a decade, however, fans seem to have been confused by her character.

When Sodlaka isn't serving inches, she confidently rocks her bald head, but this has led to many women that have come across the actress to question her sexuality. In a recent interview on Metro FM, Zikhona was asked to address the rumours of her being labelled lesbian.

Zikhona Sodlaka

"I get that question mostly from women. I don't get that question from men. It has become a big fat compliment in my life. For a woman to walk in the room and ask: “Are you giving me vibes?’ I’m just like: “..do you want me to give you vibes”...Do I love men or do I love women? I love men…” she said.

Just as the actress is admitted to not being phased by the claims made about her, she jokingly added that she was looking for a man, on at least similar to international actor Idris Alba: "I could elope with a young Idris,"

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