Zinhle Mabena's Husband Framed Her

He slashed his own car tyres

By  | Mar 17, 2021, 12:37 PM  | Zinhle Ngwenya  | Drama

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The drama continues for the Isibaya actress and her ex-husband Robert Ngwenya who filed three charges against her. These charges include theft and malicious damage to property, and the other two are for assault. Two of the three charges have been dropped against Zinhle Mabena, but the assualt charges are still pending.

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The actress appeared in court yesterday, 16 March and her lawyers told City Press that the charges of theft and damage to property were thrown out because her ex-husband allegedly slashed his own car tyres. He was caught on tape, hence the state refused to prosecute her for those charges.

Speaking on the assault charges, "It has been postponed in order for the state to provide me with full disclosure and once disclosure has taken place, we will then make representation to have the matter withdrawn once we have seen the evidence," said Mabena's lawyer Joshua Shapiro, to City Press.

Robert claims that he is a victim of domestic violence and that Zinhle pushed him down the stairs. He had visible scars which he got from the fall, which was a result from an argument between the two at their marital home in June 2020. Ngwenaya apparently got injured on his cheek, shoulder and back and the publication claims to have seen a report filed by his medical team.

Zinhle also obtained a protection order against the father of her kids that same year which he violated, hence a warrant of his arrest was issued.

Ngwenya lamented his experiences with domestic abuse and issued a statement through his PR team. Here's the full statement as quoted by Daily Sun:
“Consciously, I have taught my children, my family and even my wife that abuse in any form is wrong and it must never be tolerated irrespective of who dishes it. That behavior must be confronted immediately and everyone in the house must never be stopped from reporting such to authorities and law enforcement agencies. It is a principle I teach and live by. To lead by this example, when I, at some point in my own marriage felt abused by my own wife, not only did I seek a restraining order, but I even laid a complaint with the police because I couldn’t stand physical abuse.

“It therefore, cannot come as a shock or something out of the ordinary if my child or my own wife lay such a complaint against me or any other member of the family. These are the teachings of my family. Let it be noted that divorce is a very draining and emotionally exhausting process for anyone to go through.“
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