Facts About Zinhle Mabena's Husband Robert Ngwenya

Everything you need to know about the businessman

By  | Feb 18, 2021, 09:27 AM  | Zinhle Ngwenya  | Drama

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 Zinhle Mabena's arrest drama has been trendin since yesterday, so we though we would take a look at the man who is at the centre of this whole scandal, her soon to be ex husband Robert Ngwenya.

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He was married to Zinhle for 5 years and they have a daughter together.

He has 3 children from previous relationships.

Ngwenya's businesses include a construction and landscaping business formed  in 2011 called 20Elevation.

The businessman is also very popular with ANC big wigs and has a charity foundation for the needy.

He also host an annual event in the north west province under the banner of #NyaopeMustFall.

He is most famous for being ChairMan of the Chamber of Commerce in The North west province(VTSD).
He also claims to be a polygamist, author, father, entrepreneur and philanthropist. 

Mabena was arrested Tuesday night at the Pretoria Central police station for allegedly conspiring to commit murder. The actress was accused of plotting to murder her estranged husband Robert Ngwenya.

Phil Mphela tweeted, “Mabena, known for playing Sihle on Isibaya, was arrested last night for an alleged conspiracy to murder her husband. The attempted murder incident took place in January, resulting in the death of the husband’s bodyguard.

But now she is a free woman as her case has been thrown out due to lack of evidence. "I act on behalf of Zinhle and confirm that she was unlawfully taken into custody yesterday but is now a free woman after the NPA declined to place the matter on the roll, because of the preposterous nature of the allegations against our client. We can also confirm that nothing plausible was provided to the authorities to link our client to any crime including but not limited to Murder or attempted murder or any conspiracy of sought," Zinhle's lawyer, Joshua Lazarus, said in a statement.

Rallying behind Zinhle as many have been expressing mixed reactions to this matter, Sihle publicly declared her support for Mabena. The actress commented on the statement Zinhle shared on her Instagram page and said: "You are loved" with heart emojis. The statement said Zinhle has been "subject to a lot of intimidation and scrutiny by an individual known to her and who has been trying to damage her reputation."

A Twitter user weighed in on this and said a person is innocent until proven guilty and told people must be mindful of the information they consume because character assassination is rife

"Innocent until proven guilty. Be mindful of what information you accept. Character assassination is what people resort to when they can't find anything bad about you." Sihle replied to the tweet "Louder"

Mabena was facing two charges of murder and attempted murder. In January  Robert was ambushed by gunmen who opened fire to his car and shot his bodyguard who died.

Zinhle told Daily Sun that what unfolded has left her traumatic and thanked everyone who rallied behind her.

I cannot pretend and begin to explain how traumatic last night was for me to spend a night in police detention. I thank my family, close friends, and my legal team for their support and faith in my innocence despite the despicable and utter lies that are spreading against me.”

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