Zozi Tunzi's Message To Heartbroken Girl

Miss Universe always comes through with good vibes...

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Zozibini Tunzi  | Drama

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Zozibini Tunzi had us crying snot and tears after seeing her latest post dedicated to a young girl who believed she was 'ugly'...

Our hearts broke watching a video Zozi posted of a little girl named Ariyonna bursting into tears after telling her hairstylist; "I'm so ugly".

The video has gone viral on social media platforms with some of the world's biggest stars - including former First Lady Michelle Obama - commenting on it.

Now the universe, or should we say Miss Universe has also shared her pearls of wisdom with the young fan

She wrote; "To Ariyonna and every other little girl who has felt like this...you are beautiful, don't let the world tell you any less...You are beautiful, capable and enough".

In true Zozi style, she went on to berate the notion of beauty standards that some women and young girls still compare themselves to.

She continued; "Why must we have beauty standards?... With so many beautiful women in the world who look so different from each other, why should we have beauty standards? Beauty is subjective and so in that regard every woman and girl of every race, shape, size and shade is beautiful."

Read her inspiring post below;
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It's not the first time has spread a message of hope and acceptance.

Earlier this year she praised a little girl from South Africa whose message on gender equality went viral.

We love the work Zozi is doing! Continue to shine queen!

Image credit: Twitter @zozitunzi

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