Zozibini Tunzi Defends Her Hair... Again!

Zozi sat down with Trevor Noah on the Daily Show

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Zozibini Tunzi was the name on everybody's lips this week after she sat down with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show for their first-ever interview together.

The newly crowned Miss Universe not only looked the part but as always, she spoke with grace and intelligence as she and Trevor tackled a number of key issues.

One of Zozibini's most talked about characteristics has definitely been her hair. Her trademark fade (aka German Cut!) has made waves around the world and it has been as inspiring as it has been divisive. While there are many individuals who have hailed her for rocking her natural hair throughout both Miss South Africa and Miss Universe (all the way to the crown we might add) there have been plenty others who have tried to get her to wear a wig or a weave so that she can appear to be more "traditionally" beautiful.

Speaking to Trevor Noah on The Daily Show, she explained why she is tired of people trying to get her to wear long hair and she did so by telling the story of some of the meanest comments she has received since winning Miss SA. She said:

“I would get comments from home where people would say she’s so underwhelming and a downgrade. I once posted a photo from my flat at home and someone commented saying the photo is so black. The post said it is as black as you, Miss Ugly South Africa. I laugh about it now. This is my hair. Why don’t the same people tell other people to put on a weave?”

The rest of the interview was thought-provoking on a number of levels. Zozibini never hides from speaking about the most difficult issues facing society and this interview was no different. She blew Trevor Noah away as she spoke intelligently about colourism and how beauty is often incorrectly associated with lightness.

“The further you are from being fair, the uglier you are. And I just saw it as an educational moment. I remember putting up a post speaking about it. Speaking about colourist, speaking about racism.”

You can watch the rest of their amazing conversation on The Daily Show below:
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