Nakhane In Awe At Woolworths Skirt Stint

He sees how the country is slowly opening up to gay people.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Nakhane Touré  | Fashion

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LGBTQI activist and musician Nakhane, had a moment of celebration over a stint he had with a Woolworths employee.

This opened his eyes to the progress the country is making when it comes to accepting the LGBTQI community.

The flamboyant singer took to social media to share an experience he had with the employee, when he went to buy a pleated black skirt he had been eyeing for some time.

In the post he shared how the conversation played out: "I was at Woolworths looking for my size. I found what looked like my size and made my way to the fitting rooms. The lady managing it looked at me - I was dressed quite masc - and said (slightly wincing), “I’m sorry, but you have to go to the men’s section.” I replied, “Aaah, but sisi, I’m non-binary mos.” With a second’s thought she said,”I’m so sorry. Please go in.”⁣

In awe at how accepting and inclusive the company is, he had these sentiments to share:

" the doom and gloom (warranted) of this world, there is good happening. I also share it to thank all the queer activists and artists who are changing the world. It might seem small what happened, but this small thing gives marginalised people comfort in a VERY uncomfortable and cruel world," he wrote.

The international star shared the picture and had social media raving at how posh, he looked in it.

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