4 Times Shekhinah Blessed Us With GOOD Hair

Keep doing you, Sis!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Shekhinah  | Fashion

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From the different styles of wigs, hair colour, length and texture. If there's one thing that award-winning musician, Shekhinah loves to do (other than singing), it is to play around with her hair. We love a queen who doesn't mind a little exploring - keep doing you, sis! Since it's the season to be bold and fierce, how about a new hairdo?

Get some Inso from some of Shekhinah's hairstyles over the years. They’re fabulous and flattering - everyone will be talking about you. We're in love with them and think you might just be too.
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Remember when we used to think that grey hair was uncool and for old people? Boy, were we all SO wrong! Shekhinah has just proved that, now grey has turned into a beautiful fashion statement. To those who were blessed with it, we're sorry and be proud!
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Long, flowy braids are cute, and Shekhinah makes a case for the iconic face-framing box braid style here. They're incredibly easy to maintain, won't weigh down your hair, and serve a really cute '90s vibe at the same time.
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This get-you-out-the-door-quick style livens things up with your natural hair! The high bun or topknot is a hair style that works for any occasion, any season and any texture. And, hey, if you don’t have the length - all you gotta do is make a run to your local beauty supply store and grab a pack of hair.
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We've saved the best for last! This colour is so chic and this style looks cool mo matter your age. Oh my! If you've always dreamed of trying this pretty shade, this is all the inspiration you need.

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