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By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM 

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With the Nyan'Nyan saga and Beyonce’s Lemonade visual album with lyrics supposedly speaking about husband Jay Z’s infidelities trending, it’s no doubt that “relationships turning sour lemon” has been on our minds all week. Nyan'Nyan the SABC 1 show aims to empower relationships by showing that revealing a secret does not always have to lead to a failed relationship but what if that secret is a secret of your spouse being unfaithful? How would you deal? Well surely one of the below-mentioned ideas ought to help you...

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Starbucks Chronicles

Think coffee with the girls at Starbucks. Especially since everyone’s flocking to the newly welcomed Jozi-based franchise, the likelihood of running into someone hotter than your cheater boyfriend is great. If your man blows up your phone, give him lines from Beyonce’s song “Sorry”.....

He trying to roll me up.

I ain’t picking up

Headed to the newest Starbucks

I ain’t think ‘bout you

Me and my ladies sip my Frappachino cup

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Ice Cream Revenge

If Starbucks does not heal the wounds or if you haven’t found Mr Steamy Dreamy in the Starbucks cue head down to your nearest ice cream store. Don’t be miserable, be Beyonce!

Tell your diet, “Sorry I ain’t Sorry.” Cheating on your diet with three scoops of ice cream is far less terrible than your unfaithful spouse.

Please Call overload

Save airtime and send a please call me to boo to give him grief. He cheated on you so why waste something as precious as your airtime on him.

Please Call You A Dumbhead

Please Call I’m So Hurt

Please Call I Did Not See This Coming

Please Call You Better Be Sending Me Roses.

Make Up on fleek

Wear more Mac Heroine lipstick and flaunt yourself like Cookie from Empire. Let Mr Liar know what he could be losing out on.

No Nyan Nyan

Lastly, thank your lucky stars that he didn’t confess on Nyan Nyan. Your relationship is luckily enough not the topic on everyone’s Twitter account nor is your story in the Hashtags

Tip: If he has a Becky with good hair, Make sure her hair doesn’t look as good when you done with her.

PS: Nyan Nyan got over 1 287 Tweets last night!

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