Mangaliso Ngema Officially Speaks About Sexual Allegations

The actor is telling his side of the story

By  | Jul 27, 2020, 04:25 PM 

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Former Lithapo actor Mangaliso Ngema has officially spoken out against the sexual harassment claims that have been levelled against him by a young actress and refuted issuing a statement on Facebook.

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Mangaliso Ngema Allegedly Makes A Public Apology

Actress Lorraine Moropa
who also stars in Lithapo last week, took to social media to allege that a senior male colleague had sexually harassed her in the statement she did not mention the actor by name.

In a lengthy post the 23-year-old detailed how the male undresses her, by the way, he looks at her and grabs their genitals on set whilst looking at her ass and laughs this off in the presence of colleagues.

Now the actor, in a video clip posted on his Facebook page has alleged that the actress “totally misread the situation and made the wrong assumption”.

Recounting the incident that took place on Monday 20, July, the actor said explained that his actions were because his costume was too tight and he was fixing it. He also addressed a previous incident that occurred last year in which the actress alleges that he did not remove his hand immediately after the director called cut.

Mangaliso says he has reached out to the actress and apologised and takes the allegations very seriously.

The actor also alleges that the actress has on many occasions asked that he massage her back, which he willingly did as he is a qualified masseuse

He also addressed second allegations that were made by another actress and refuted that he is behind the Facebook post that circulated on Friday.

Mangaliso's contract at Lithapo has been terminated with immediate effect.

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