Mangaliso Ngema shares the story of how his daughter was sold

The actor initially thought she had died at birth 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Mangaliso Ngema  | Drama

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Mangaliso Ngema shares the story of how his daughter was sold

Speaking to Drum, Ring of Lies actor, Mangaliso Ngema, reportedly revealed that the nurse who committed the crime confessed to her actions while on her deathbed.  

“Our baby was born in Mozambique, where my ex stays. At the time, I was in South Africa and we were both young. I didn’t think to ask my ex-partner if she’d been given the body to bury. I just accepted that our baby had died,” explained Ngema. 

The 46-year-old found this out after receiving a call from his ex early last year to share the shocking story. According to him, the pair broke up after the alleged death as their long-distance relationship could not take the strain. 

According to the report, the nurse died before she could tell them anything more and none of the family she left behind have any additional information about what she did. The hospital at which this happened has also been of little help as they do not have a meticulous culture of keeping records. 

Mangaliso and his unidentified ex have thus far been unable to find their daughter but he insists that they will not give up on looking for her. 

He is currently leaning on his family which consists of his wife of 13 years, Busisiwe, and his five children. 

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